Principal's Message

It affords me great pleasure to acknowledge that The Basheer Qusim School – P.S.53X is now fully transitioned into the digital age of communication. This website serves both as a monument of that shift in paradigm, as well as a gateway to the soul of our school organization. It is my hope that many of you will become frequent visitors to our website. Thereby, you will serve as virtual partners with us in our effort to build a successful school, where children learn and attain optimal academic performance, and where teachers craft their pedagogical skills to meet the assessed needs of our students.


This resource, however, does more than simply showcasing the current trends and practices in education, which we have embraced as a school. Indeed, it also provides vital information to our parents regarding the continual progress of their children. Further, it serves as a reliable source of information to the community regarding the programs and events that appear on our school’s calendar. Now you can hear from us quickly, accurately and reliably. Kindly take a moment to visit this website and learn more about us.



Collin M. Wolfe, Ed. D.